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Buying a Premade Exclusive Design Saves Time.

Call, Email, Send Files

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Fill out the form and send an email with comments, files or even photos.  For now, this form contacts us, but when launched, the form will be exclusive to contact you.  Forms we can add:

Contact, Project Requirements, Quotes, Appointments, Employment Applications, File Submissions and more. 

The Why:  We do not limit the number of forms you can have, we simply build your update schedule based on your maintenance plan.  Customers like to be able to use your website to make their day more effecient.

Featured Auto Repair Services

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Engine Work
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Suspension & Alignment
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Brakes & Ignition

The Why:  Your primary services are made acceccable for all pages. As visitors browse, they can find them easily and click when theyre ready, same with the call to action or contact links

Featured Pages

Why:  Featured pages highlight specific areas of your website that are important to your new customers.  They are also an opportunity to target specific searches and make them the most relevent for specific keyword/search terms.

Ratings & Reviews

Why?: Reviews and testimonials are becoming more important, it's one of the many ways search engines rank websites.  We help you display, attract and mediate when needed.

Appointment Status

Appointment Setting requires email monitoring.  It builds value for your customers, makes it conveieint for them to connect and bring their car in.  We integrate 3rd party (your current system) or even Google Calendars (Google calendars sre free).  If you have a 3rd party appointment setting app, we ingigrate those as well.


Why:  There are many ways to integrate appointment setting for customers to request time (some are even free), available times and checking the status of their appointment.  Confirmed or unconfirmed, they will feel confident they have been heard through your website.  Using appointment setting builds value and search egnines like to see it because they understand the value it provide their user.  The downside is if you detest checking your email regularly, but we provide that service too if you need it.

Call to Action

This will be your call to action area, the area of the website that encurages a call to action, for most service business it's the contact button, but if you sell products too, it could be your "Shop Now" or "Buy Now" button.  For the purpose of this sample website, it's used to purchase the design or as a method to approve a design proof by an existing/new client.

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